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Customer Testimonials

“Snowlift has been handling airport snow removal at major airports in major cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston for over 50 years. With airline travel growing at unprecedented rates, our airline customers are finding the limited space on airports more critical to their operations than ever before. This means that piling of snow is not an option for them. Snowlift developed a relationship with Trecan over 40 years ago and we currently have the largest fleet of Trecan Snowmelters in North America. The ease with which our Trecan Snowmelters remove large piles of snow helps us to ensure that our customers will not face any costly delays or cancellations, which is critical in these economic times. Our fleet of Trecan Snowmelters helps us to continue to provide the top notch snow removal service that our customers have come to expect of Snowlift.”

Michael Ferrucci
President and CEO
Snowlift LLC
Inwood New York – USA

ULS Landscaping purchased the very first Trecan Snowmelter in Western Canada in the fall of 2008. The 80 PD offers the versatility of servicing areas with limited access without sacrificing the capacity to efficiently dispose of large snow volumes. Along with the superior performance of this machine, it has served as a tremendous marketing tool for our company and Trecan’s ongoing support in launching this new service has been excellent. In 2009 we purchased a second Trecan 60-PD Snowmelter and we envision purchasing more Trecan Snowmelters as we expand our Snow removal business.

Ken Ruddock
ULS Maintenance & Landscaping Inc.
Rockyview, Alberta