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Hands-Off Snow Removal Is A Reality With SnowClear!

No Sweat Snow Removal

SnowClear uses far infrared light and heat from ceramic-coated halogen lamps / heating elements to safely and easily melt snow and ice around your building. You’ll save on labour costs, and SnowClear is always at the ready when the snow falls.

SnowClear Wherever You Need it

SnowClear is the ideal snow removal solution for entrances and walkways around commercial buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centres, airports, hospitals, government facilities, and any installation which requires efficient, 24/7 snow removal. SnowClear can be installed directly onto a building, overhang or mounted on a self-standing pole.

Melts Snow and Ice

Snow and ice buildup around your building’s entrance can be a major factor for slip and fall injuries. Second only to motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents account for fifteen percent of all accidental deaths in America. Falls account for over eight million hospital emergency room visits per year, representing the leading cause of visits.

Efficient and Economical

SnowClear uses far-infrared heat to melt snow on demand or automatically. With SnowClear systems installed at your building entrances, you can virtually eliminate labour costs for snow removal in these areas. A single unit will typically have an operating cost of roughly $408 CAD (using USD to CAD rate of 0.75 = $306 USD) annually to run during an average four month snow melting season.* Maintenance is limited to changing the heating elements which last approximately 3,000 hours.

* Based on 600 hours/season using an average cost of $0.174 kWh. Performance figures could vary on different environments.