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Industrial Burners

Wide Range of Aplications

Trecan’s diverse industrial burners enable them to be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • steam generators
  • fired heaters
  • reformers
  • air heaters
  • incinerators
Trecan Gas and Oil Burners

Trecan gas burners include forced, induced and natural draft types and can accommodate most fuel gases.

Sizes of up to 100 MM Btu/hr are available for forced draft.

Our oil burners can be used with light and heavy fuel oils, waste oil and many other types of waste liquids. Sizes range up to 100 MM Btu/hr.

Multiple fuel firing is an option on some burners models.

In addition to supplying burners, Trecan offers other related services. Our burners are often custom designed for easy installation in existing equipment.

We can also supply complete rack mounted valve trains, combustion air blowers and burner management systems with numerous options available to suit each customer’s individual needs.