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TC-406 Diesel Fuel Tanks

Of required, Trecan can supply Snowmelters equipped with a TC 406 Highway Fuel Tank designed to Transport Canada and CSA B620-09 specifications. The photo below shows a 1500 USG (5678 L) diesel fuel tank mounted on a 135-PD Snowmelter.

Trecan TC-406 1500-SS
  • Total tank volume is 1500 USG (5678 L). With 5% outage the maximum lading is 1425 USG
  • The ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) is designed to carry two times a GVWR of 90,000 Lbs
  • The tank shell is fabricated from 5/16" 304L plate.
  • Dimensions: L=97", H=86", D=72"
  • Top of tank: 3/4" NPT coupling for level transmitter; 1-1/4" NPT coupling for level switch; 20" manhole with integral relief valve and a 10" fill cover
  • Bottom of tank: two 1" NPT couplings for fuel drain, etc.; two 3" drain sumps for emergency valve and optional fast fill system
  • Paint color is safety yellow, but can be specified at time of order