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History of Trecan

In North America, Submerged Combustion Technology was first developed by EXXON Research and Engineering Company in the early 1950’s. It designed and built the first 25 ton per hour in ground stationary Snowmelter.

In the early sixties, the technology was licensed to Thermal Research Engineering Canada for manufacture. Trecan Limited was established in 1962, as the Canadian subsidiary by the late William “Bill” Lombard.

In 1986, controlling interest was purchased by MBB Mechanical Services. In 1993 MBB merged with Trecan to form MBB-Trecan. In 1996 MBB-Trecan was sold to Mr. David Burnett, one of the original owners of MBB-Trecan, and renamed Trecan Combustion Limited. That same year, Mr. Burnett purchased a large commercial property in Hubley Nova Scotia (just outside Halifax), and a new manufacturing facility was built.

Over the years, Trecan has remained the industry standard for Snowmelters, through continuous improvements in engineering design, fabrication methods and customer service.