1. Why should I even consider melting the snow over trucking or dumping?

2. What size snowmelters does Trecan build?

3. How long does it take to build a snowmelter?

4. Does Trecan have a large inventory and selection of snowmelters available for sale?

5. Does Trecan rent snowmelters?

6. Does Trecan sell used snowmelters?

7. Where can I view and or inspect a Trecan snowmelter?

8. What is the life span of a typical snowmelter?

9. What types of fuel can Snowmelters use?

10. How do I figure out what size snowmelter or how much melting capacity is need for my particular area and or how many hours it will take to melt?

11. What are the energy costs of the unit in gallons per hour?

12. Do you discharge the melt water to a sanitary sewer or storm sewer?

13. If you discharge to a sanitary sewer, do you require permits or must you pay a rate to discharge to the sanitary sewer? Do the sewer-use by-laws regulate the discharge?

14. Do you have any data on the discharge water?

15. If you discharge to a storm, do you discharge to a pond that will trap sediment before discharging the water? Does the unit collect a lot of sediment?

16. Where can the sediment be land filled?

17. Is the interior of the unit well enough protected to guard against all the junk (concrete blocks, steel fence posts, etc.) that may be loaded and can damage the unit?

18. At what noise levels do the units operate?